Mara Superior: A Retrospective

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Mara Superior: A Retrospective

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Mara Superior: A Retrospective
Works from the Collection of Melinda and Dr. Paul Sullivan and the Artist

Past Exhibition Catalogue
October 22, 2006 through December 31, 2006

A Manhattan native, Mara Superior made good use of her childhood proximity to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, visiting constantly. From this time in her life onward, she yearned to make beautiful objects. Superior's early training was primarily in two-dimensional art forms. She majored in painting in undergraduate studies at the University of Connecticut, Storrs. While in this program, she also studied watercolor and etching. Although she became enamored with printmaking, Superior had difficulty gaining access to a printing press after college graduation. The opportunity to take a six-week class in porcelain arose and she rapidly became a convert to clay.

Each work has been an opportunity for her to learn something new about her chosen medium; each sculpture is an opportunity to demonstrate her interests in the worlds of art, history and travel.

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