Tom Yost - A Modern Realist

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Tom Yost - A Modern Realist

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Tom Yost - A Modern Realist

Paintings of the Litchfield Hills 2004-2014

Exhibition Catalogue
May 15, 2015 through September 27, 2015

"Tom Yost's landscapes are suffused with a profound stillness. Time is arrested. The viewer is a silent witness to the enduring beauty of our Connecticut fields and trees. Every year, the encroaching forests diminish what once was a state of cultivated farmland and pastures. Only by preserving our open expanses can we really appreciate the gentle rolling hills and the subtle play of light as it touches the varied textures of the land's surface. I am especially captivated by Yost's celebration of our native trees, which so effectively punctuate his compositions. These exceptional oaks, elms, and breeches, some of which have borne witness to a century or more of the endless cycles of nature, are worthy of our veneration..."

- Douglas K.S. Hyland  

40 pages
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